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Jody Altmann



Ange Cachia

Vice President


Helen McKeown



Erin Markovic



Club Registrar: Ange Cachia


Match Day Operations & Equipment: Mick Hein 

Website & Spond Management: Helen McKeown 

Social Media Manager: Julie Andrews

Social/Events: Sammy Middlemast 

Female Co-ordinator: Laurence Kennedy 

Child Protection and Governance: Tony Dent 

Team Manager Co-ordinator: Helen McKeown 

General Committee 

  • Bookkeeping: Chelsea Stephens

  • Fundraising: Sandra Dowling

  • Kim Eames

  • David Jones 

We need you! 

The following roles need to be filled in Season 2024. 

As a not-for-profit club, we are run by volunteers and we need your help in Season 2023. Training, support and guidance will be provided, so if you would like to become a member of the team or you have any questions, please contact    

Sponsorship Sub-Committee

  • Source sponsors

  • Coordinate advertising with Social Media Manager and Website Manager

  • Organise distribution of any sponsor vouchers for each team

  • Ensure club obligations to sponsors are met (events, merchandise, banners etc)

  • Organise ground banners (printing and hanging)

  • Develop Sponsorship prospectus for the following year (aimed to be completed by end of Oct each year).

Fundraising Sub-Committee

  • Identify fundraising opportunities/campaigns

  • Manage and run fundraising campaigns

  • Co-ordinate Bunnings BBQ's (one or two each year)

  • Coordinate advertising with Social Media Manager and Website Manager


Team Manager Coordinator

  • Coordinates all team managers

  • Complete an introduction and information session for all team manager at the start of the season (guidance and materials provided by the club)

  • Provides Sports TG training for all team managers U12 and older

  • Provide roster templates and guidance on match day operations

  • Distribute match books to each team manager (u12 and older)

  • Distribute any club communication to team managers as required

  • Be the first point of contact for any team manager enquiries


Apparel Manager & Coordinator

  • Oversees all aspects of on field and off-field apparel

  • Consults with committee on any designs

  • Consults with president and sponsorship subcommittee regarding apparel sponsors

  • Conducts stocktake of all apparel

  • Determines order for following season (January/February)

  • Main liaison with apparel suppliers

  • Coordinates off-field apparel orders

  • Ensures all teams have adequate uniform prior to season commencement

Equipment Manager

  • Coordinate stocktake of all equipment at end of season (Oct/Nov)

  • Liaise with Technical Director and Senior Coaches regarding equipment requirements.

  • In consultation with committee and treasurer, purchase required equipment

  • Distribute coach’s gear for preseason

  • Manage ad hoc equipment requests as required


Home Match Day Operations Team

  • This will be a shared role, approx 4-6 people required on a rotating roster) 

  • Ensure all pitches are set up as per match day schedule, and matches have equipment needed

  • Point of contact on Home match days (Saturday and Sunday) for Croydon and visiting teams

  • Oversee the operations at Dorset and ensure all facilities are accessible, then secure at the end of the day

  • Ensure referees are on site and direct them to the referee rooms and correct pitches

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