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  • What should my child wear to games and training?
    All players should be wearing their uniform (supplied), football boots and shin guards (under their football socks) during games. Runners are fine at training for a short time if your child has not played soccer before. The club have second hand boots for sale in a variety of sizes. Players will be supplied with a training uniform once their full registration has been completed. During the preseason please wear last years uniform or other sports attire.
  • I'm keen to find out more info about season 2024
    Whether you/your child are 100% committed or just want to ensure you are notified of important dates for 2024, please fill in our Expression of Interest form here. If you have specific questions that are not answered in the FAQ, please head to our Contact Us page.
  • What are the dates for the soccer season?
    Preseason commences with the start of Term 1 The playing season runs during Terms 2 and 3. We offer an optional program for players in Term 4. Senior teams commence preseason in November, have a Month off mid Dec to Mid January. Their season commences mid Feb for State League Men, and after Easter for Women and Metro Men. There season concludes in September.
  • Do we play/train if it's raining?
    Soccer is a winter sport, therefore games and training will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Sometimes training may be cancelled due to pitch conditions, you will be contacted if this is the case. Games will only be cancelled if there is lightening.
  • What the fees, and what do they include?
    Fees (and details) for Kickers, Miniroos and Juniors can be found on their respective pages (located under the teams menu). We are a Get Active Kids voucher activity provider and eligible children can apply when the program is open at different times during the year.
  • We have conflicting sports trainings, can we come just one training session in preseason?
    Whilst we would love for all players to be at all training sessions in the preseason, if your child has other commitments we understand. If your child is Under 12's or older, please contact our registrar Ang via our Contact Us page to let her know the expected dates for return to full training.
  • How do I access the second hand boot bin?
    The second hand boot bin will find a new permanent location as we move into our new facilities. For now, please find a someone in a Croydon uniform at training, once your child has began their warm up.
  • When are games played?
    Under 7 - Under 21s boys and girls play Sundays.  Women's State League games are Friday nights or Sunday afternoons Men's State League is played Saturday afternoons Men's Metro play Sunday. The Club does not control what time games are played, this is determined by FV, who create the fixtures. Generally, U7-11 is the morning, U12+ later morning to early afternoon, but this is only a guide. ​
  • When is training?
    Trainings for our Miniroos, Juniors is Monday and Wednesday from 5pm onwards (depending on the age group). For more information on senior teams, please head to the respective pages on the website.
  • My child can only attend training once per week - can they still play?
    Whilst we understand that children may not be able to attend both training sessions every single week, we do ask that players commit to Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the season. If children consistently miss one training session per week it significantly impact both their own skill development and their team.
  • Where are games played?
    Generally, teams play against other clubs in the East/South East area of Melbourne. Sometimes there may be travel up to an hour from Croydon, depending on the fixture. The teams in each division, and therefore the locations of games are determine by the FV and the Club has no influence over this.
  • When does preseason training start?
    Preseason training for youth players commences at the start of Term 1. Please fill in our 2024 Expression of Interest here if your child is interested in playing so that we can ensure you receive information with club updates for the 2024 season. Players will need to have paid a deposit to commence preseason training. Preseason training for our senior teams usually commenced in November, but the Expression of Interest is still open.
  • What sort of boots and shin guards does my child need?
    Boots can be bought new at sports shops and some footwear shops. There is no difference between soccer and AFL boots, in fact most boots are designed with soccer in mind given the number of soccer players worldwide far exceeds the number of players in other football codes! The Club has a second hand boot bin or, you can also find second hand boots on places like Facebook Marketplace. Simple slip in shin guards (like the Nike J guard ~$10) can also be found at most sporting shops - sizes are based on your child's height.
  • When are the fees due and how do I pay?
    Fees for Kickers and our additional programs (like Summer Skills and Eastern Football Academy sessions) are payable at the time of booking. For our yearly program (training and playing season) an invoice will be emailed to players/families (via Xero, our accounting program) once the player expressed they are "100% in". A deposit of $200 is required to secure the players spot, and commence preseason training, with the remainder of in the invoice due in March, prior to the start of the season. In the case of tournaments, an invoice will be emailed prior to the tournament start date. If you are expecting and invoice, but have not received one, please check your junk before contacting to confirm your child's position.
  • Do I need to stay with my child whilst they train?
    Yes. Our coaches will look for a guardian in case of any issues/injuries at training. If a guardian can not be located easily then is can disrupt training for the rest of the team/s at the session. Please stay close by or communicate with your coach or team manager if you need to leave.
  • How are the teams allocated. Can my child be in a team with a friend?
    During pre-season training (Term 1), players’ skills will be assessed, and they will be allocated to their training session time and team based on their developmental stage. This is done in a very gentle way – the players will not know that they are being assessed as they will be observed during normal training sessions. This is not about deciding if your child is good or bad, it is about making sure that we understand players' skill levels and then placing them in a team where they will enjoy the sport and best develop. With around 200 players in our U7-11 program, we are unable to accommodate requests for particular teams.
  • I've got more questions that haven't been answered above
    If you have more questions about playing/training, that haven't been answered above, please head to out Contact Us and select Registrar.
  • I need to get in touch with the club about for another reason
    Please get in touch with our secretary by selecting "other" on the contact us page
  • Is training going ahead tonight?
    Please get in touch with your Coach/Team Manager
  • What does FV and FA stand for?
    Football Victoria (FV) and Football Australia (FA) - these are our governing bodies.
  • Why haven't I received a response to my enquiry yet?
    Thank you for your enquiry. As we are all volunteers sometimes other life commitments can get in the way of responding to enquiries. Please rest assured your enquiry is important to us and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. If, for some reason you have not had a reply after 2 weeks, please contact us again.
  • Where is Dorset Recreation Reserve?
    Dorset Recreation Reserve is located on Jenkins Lane, Croydon
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