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(born 2013-2017 in season 2024)

What is Miniroos? 

MiniRoos is the name for boys and girls soccer at the sub junior level (Under 7-11). Smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players mean a more enjoyable game with more opportunities to touch the ball and more opportunities to score goals, once again increasing the likelihood of an overall positive experience.


As your child progresses through the various age groups they will be introduced to playing environments that most suit their stage of development and prepare them for the transition to 11v11 football when the time comes.

2024 Program Details

2024 Timeline

Register Interest: October 2023 to January 2024

  • Term 1: Pre-season training

    • Team allocation: February - March 2024


  • Term 2-3: Playing season 

  • Term 4: Opt in Summer program


Pre-Season Training and Player Allocation 

Pre-season training will commence Monday 29 January, 2024.


  • During pre season training sessions, players’ skills will be assessed, and players will be allocated to their training session time and teams based on their developmental stage.

  • This is done in a very gentle way – the players will not know that they are being assessed as they will be observed during normal training sessions. 

  • This is not about deciding if your child is good or bad, this is about making sure that we understand players skill levels and then placing them in a team where they will enjoy the sport and best develop.

  • We aim to notify players of team allocations by mid March.

Training (Term 1-3)

  • All teams at all levels train x2 week (Monday & Wednesday), regardless of the weather or individual coach availability

    • 1 x Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) session

    • 1 x Team training session with team coach

  • ​​All coaches receive mentoring and session planning from our Technical Director and Coaching Team  

Games (Terms 2-3)

  • Games are played on Sundays

    • All parents are expected to play a role in assisting with games, and the game-day as a whole to run smoothly. 


Fees ​

  • Fees $650 ($200 deposit, payment plans are available) include but are not limited to 

    • 35 week program 

    • Nike playing and training kit

    • Football Victoria team registration

    • Football Victoria and Football Australia (FV and FA) player

    • Training and match day equipment

    • Coaching expenses

    • Costs related to all club facilities eg. council fees and utilities

    • End of season trophies and celebrations

    • Insurance

Interested in playing? Please register your details via the link below so that we can forward you important information for season 2024.  

Miniroos Parent Info Night Summary 

2023 Miniroo Teams  

Under (born 2016)

Girls, Joeys, COACH: Cindy, Team Manager: Chelsey 

Mixed, Joeys, COACH: Ben M, Team Manager: Mel

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Jay S, Team Manager: Phillipa 

Under 8 (born 2015) 

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Brent, Team Manager: Jeremy/Peter

Boys, Wallabies, COACH: David I, Team Manager: Alana

Boys, Kangaroos, COACH: GerryTeam Manager: Mick 

Under 9 (born 2014)

Girls, Joeys, COACH: Laurence, Team Manager: Gary 

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Chalie, Team ManagerCarolyn/Tracey

Boys, Wallabies, COACH: Karkit L, Team Manager: Kim

Under 10 (born 2013)

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Iain & Helen, Team Manager: James

Boys, Wallabies, COACH: Duncan STeam Manager: Emma

Boys, Kangaroos, COACH: Ben STeam Manager: Andre

Under 11 (born 2012)

Girls Joeys, COACH: Jules, Team Manager: Bree

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Fordan/Phuong, Team Manager: John  

Boys, Joeys, COACH: Dan A, Team Manager: Simon  

Boys, Wallabies, COACH: Rodger, Team Manager: Aoife

More information about the playing format, rules and game day set up can be found in our Resources Ap page.

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